Charcoal as an Alternate Energy Source among Urban Households in Ogbomoso Metropolis of Oyo State

Esther Okunade [Ph.D] Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso E-mail: , Tel. No: 08035029438, 08078002006

Key words: Energy, Charcoal, Households


The study was conducted to examine the current use of Charcoal as an alternate energy source among urban households in Ogbomoso metropolis of Oyo state. The types of energy sources available, reasons for the use of charcoal, frequency of charcoal use and constraints to the use of charcoal were determined. All households in the three urban local Governments constitute the study population. Thirty households were randomly selected from the three LGAs to give a total of ninety households. In all ninety women were randomly selected from the household chosen. Information was gathered through the use of a well structured interview schedule. Data were described using frequencies, percentages while regression was used to determine the relationship between socio-economic characteristics and frequency of use of charcoal. The results shows that majority of the women regardless of their economic status combine the use of charcoal with other source of energy in their household, most of the women found charcoal convenient, cheap and neat as source of energy. However, they experienced hike in price and scarcity as constraints especially during the rainy season.There are significant relationship between occupation[β= 0.572], family size [β=0.39]), years of schooling [β= 0.129], age [β= -0.08]) and frequency of use of charcoal. The implication of the result of the study is that the use of charcoal has become an established trend among the urban residents in the study area.