About the International Network on Appropriate Technology


Public education on “what is appropriate technology” is central to the mission of the International Network on Appropriate Technology (INAT). Our ongoing work is to bring Appropriate Technology to the forefront of discussion and practice regarding science and technology—in education, policy, research, development, and deployment.


“Appropriate Technology” (AT) is the technology to empower people. The more the world population is empowered, the more the world’s human resources can be utilized, and the better equipped the mass of human society is to exercise democracy.


Objective 1 – develop an international network of appropriate technology researchers and practitioners (focusing on people of color) committed to assisting poorer communities and the global south.
Objective 2 – Support appropriate technology projects to empower the disadvantaged, focusing on people of color.
Objective 3 – Organize regional and international conferences, workshops and symposiums to facilitate objectives 1 and 2.
Objective 4 - Develop a web portal to support objective 1, 2 and 3


The INAT is the work of a group of academics and practitioners promoting technology to empower people that started with a national symposium on appropriate technology held at Howard University in 1998. During the past fifteen years, we have conducted six international conferences, three Howard University symposia, various projects and presentations. These events have generated a climate of curriculum and technology innovation conducive to further expansion of our network. This laid the groundwork for a broader international conference and appropriate technology fair held in November 2014 at Kenyatta University in Nairobi Kenya. It also included an ethics and technology workshop, a hackathon and a special student posters and projects session. The theme of the conference was Appropriate Technology for the 21st Century: Technological Innovation to Empower Africa. The last International Conference on Appropriate Technology was held November 23-26, 2016 at Mosi Oa Tunya (Victoria Falls), Zimbabwe. The theme was "Sustainable Technologies to Empower Communities – Bridging Theory with Practice". This year the 8th ICAT will be held November 22-25, 2018 at the Songhaï Center, Porto-Novo, Benin. The theme is 'Endogenous Knowledge, Appropriate Technology and Innovation: Linking the Past and the Future'


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