3rd ICAT Food Water Shelter and Health Titles

The 3rd International Conference on Appropriate Technology : Information & Communication Technology - Paper Titles

3rd International Appropriate Technology Conference - 2008

November - 2008

Kigali, Rwanda

THEME: Promoting Research and Practice in Appropriate Technology - Energy Solutions in the Era of Climate Change
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Category: Food Water Shelter and Health - Paper Titles

Milk Production from Lactating Holstein Cows Fed Cereal-Tree Forage Legume Silages
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Mupangwa J.F., B. Z., Mugweni, B.Z., M.Titterton, M., B. V. andMaasdorp,B.V. andF. Gandiya
Umutara Polytechnic, Faculty of Agriculture, P. O. Box 57, Nyagatare, RWANDA
Department of Livestock Production and Development, Ministry of Agriculture, P O
Box 143, Mutare, ZIMBABWE
University of Zimbabwe, Department of Animal Science, Harare, ZIMBABWE
University of Zimbabwe, Department of Crop Science, , Harare, ZIMBABWE
*Corresponding author: tjmupangwa@yahoo.com

Alfalfa Yield Under Subsurface Drip Irrigation Applying Secondary domestic Effluent
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Shija Kazumba, Leonid Gillerman and Gideon Oron
Department of Environmental Hydrology and Microbiology
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research,
Kiryat Sde-Boker 84990, ISRAEL
Department of Civil Engineering, Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology
P.O.Box 2958, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
Email: kazumba@bgu.ac.il

Smallscale Palm Oil Process Improvement for Poverty Alleviation and National Development
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N. Kyei-Baffour and C. Manu
Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical and Agric. Engineering, College of Engineering,
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST),
Kumasi, GHANA
E-mail: nicholaskyeibaffour@yahoo.co.uk

Trends in Earthen Construction for Rural Housing in Zimbabwe: The Case of Tsholotsho in Matabeleland North Province
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L. B. Ndlovu and S. I. Umenne
Civil and Water Engineering, National University of Science and Technology, P O
Box AC 939, Ascot, Bulawayo, ZIMBABWE
E-mail: lbndlovu@nust.ac.zw ; lookoutn@yahoo.co.uk
Faculty of the Built Environment (FOBE), National University of Science and
Technology, P O Box AC 939, Ascot, Bulawayo, ZIMBABWE
E-mail: umenne@nust.ac.zw ; sikumenne@yahoo.com

Development of Quality Cereal Based Composite Flour for Nutritionally Vulnerable Groups Using Locally Available Raw Material
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Mukantwali C, Tiisekwa B, Ndirigwe J
Institut des Sciences Agronomiques du Rwanda
Sokoine University of Agriculture
E-mail: mukantwalichristine@yahoo.fr

Benchmark study on Husbandry Factors Affecting Performance of Artificial Insemination in Smallholder Dairy Cows in Umutara Province, Rwanda
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Paul Chatikobo, M. Manzi, J. Kagarama, J.D. Rwemarika, and O Umunezero
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Umutara Polytechnic, P.B 57, Nyagatare
Eastern Province, RWANDA
Institut des Sciences Agronomiques du Rwanda (ISAR), Nyagatare Livestock
Production & Health Research Unit, B.P 5016 Kigali, RWANDA
E-mail: paulchatie@yahoo.com; paulkobo@gmail.com

The Role of Government in the Establishment of Appropriate Industries for the Manufacture of Construction Products with Non-Conventional Materials
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Brian Stephenson
Department of Civil Engineering, Howard University
Washington, DC 20059, USA
E-mail: stephensonb@comcast.net


The Prevalence of Bovine Brucellosis in Milking Dairy Herds in Nyagatare and its Implications on Dairy Productivity and Public Health
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P. Chatikoba, M. Manzi, J. Kagarama, J.D. Rwemarika and O. Umunezero Umutara Polytechnic, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
P.B 57, Nyagatare, Eastern Province, RWANDA
E-mail: paulchatie@yahoo.com

Survival Ethics: Consequences for Appropriate Technology
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Charles C. Verharen
Department of Philosophy, Howard University, Washington, DC, USA
E-mail: cverharen@howard.edu

Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Human Settlement Development – The Case of the Construction of the NUST Campus in Zimbabwe
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M.C. Mutsambiwa
National University of Science and Technology, Bulawayo, ZIMBABWE
E-mail: cmutsambiwa@nust.ac.zw or cmutsambiwa@gmail.com

Development of a Push-Type Seed Drill for Sowing Maize in Rwanda
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M. Sankaranarayanan and A. Nzamwitakuze
Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture et d’ Elevage
ISAE, Busogo, Post Box No. 210, Musanze, RWANDA
E-mail: sankar081954@yahoo.co.in

Modification of a Large-Scale Palm Fruit Cage for Local Manufacture
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J. O. Akowuah, A. Addo, and F. Kemausuor
Department of Agricultural Engineering
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Kumasi, GHANA
E-mail: akowuahjoe@yahoo.co.uk

Participatory Housing Construction for Vulnerable ad Under Resourced Urban Communities
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Alexio Mubaiwa
Practical Action Southern Africa
No. 4 Ludlow Road, Newlands, P.O. Box 1744, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Email: alexiom@practicalactionzw.org.; alexmub@yahoo.com

Improving Farming Methods and Livestock Health Through Infusion of Indigenous and Scientific Agricultural Knowledge
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Gudza L.D. andMupunga E.G
Practical Action Southern Africa,
4 Ludlow Road, Newlands, Harare. Zimbabwe

Theoretical Assessment of the Impact of Control Strategies on the Transmission Dynamics of Malaria
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C. Chiyaka, J.M. Tcheunche, W. Garia and S. Dube
National University of Science and Technology
Bulawayo, ZIMBABWE
E-mail: cchiyaka@nust.ac.zw; shdube@nust.ac.zw

Advanced Technologies for Managing Burn Injuries
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Peter M. Corridon
The Center for Biomedical Imaging, The University of Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad & Tobago, WEST INDIES
E-mail: peter.corridon@utt.edu.tt

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Robinson Onyango Manguro
Associate Architect,Creations Consult Limited, P.O Box 152, 00515, Buruburu, Nairobi, Kenya
rmanguro@gmail.com, rmanguro@yahoo.co.uk